Safety | August 11 2015

Buckling down on buckling up

What’s the first thing you always do before hitting the road in your vehicle? If you said buckle up, you’re definitely among the majority of drivers and passengers on the road today.

But, despite the overwhelming evidence that seat belts save lives, accident reports continue to show that serious injuries and fatalities are the result of drivers and passengers choosing to not wear their seat belts. In 2013 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported:

So in the face of such overwhelming odds, what makes buckling up routine for some and not for others? And who are the drivers and passengers most likely to avoid buckling up? Even though you’re buckled up, are you buckled up correctly?

In this video, FCA US Senior Specialist and Child Passenger Safety Advocate Audrey Eagle offers her insight on these questions as well as more reasons why you should be wearing your seat belt and the proper way to buckle up.