Manufacturing | July 01 2016

Green FCA: ‘We can save the environment for future generations’

While automotive passion runs through our veins, there’s still room to watch over Planet Earth.

FCA Canada employees at the 284,000-square-foot Etobicoke, Ontario, Casting Plant are a prime example. The plant employs more than 500 people, making aluminum die castings and pistons for a variety of FCA vehicles.

As Etobicoke’s Environmental Specialist & Energy Manager Inderpreet Rishi says in the video, “Everyone takes pride in the fact that we’re able to give back to the community and save the environment for future  generations.”

Rishi’s comments came during an interview about how the plant changed how a furnace operated to recover heat that was previously being lost. Check out the video for details on the team’s accomplishments, including:

  • Increased furnace efficiency by 20%
  • Reduced annual CO2 emissions by about 12,000 metric tons
  • Saved $150,000  (CDN) annually in energy costs

This and many other manufacturing and operational improvements are the result of an internal program at FCA. FCA  employees have the opportunity to submit projects for an Environment, Health and Safety Leadership Award. In this periodic series, we’re giving you an exclusive look inside FCA to see the nominees and the impact that these ideas have on vehicle owners and our manufacturing process.