Pentastar Passion | April 02 2014

Welcome to Chrysler on Demand

Oh, we’re all so demanding. Video on demand, music on demand, and now, we’re pleased to introduce Chrysler on Demand. We call it COD for short. What is it? Simple. A place for you to go to demand content about our company, our people and products.Some of the content is created by us. A lot of it is created by others. There’s even a place to submit user-generated content. It’s all about providing links to an engaging, fun, useful, and varied collection of stories we hope you’ll enjoy. It’s not a permanent depository. The mix of content is always changing. When you check in at 8 a.m. don’t be surprised if things look very different by lunchtime.

We always link to the site where the content lives, making sure whoever owns the content receives the traffic.

Here’s a short demo of how COD works. We hope you’ll stop by often and let us know if you run across a story, post or video you’d like us to include on the site.