Pentastar Passion | April 09 2014

Do you have a story to tell?

Chrysler On Demand: Fan Sites & PagesEveryone loves a good story and there’s certainly no shortage of online sources for information these days.

But if you’re looking for stories about Chrysler, our brands and our vehicles – there’s just one place to go: Chrysler On Demand.

It launched just a week ago, and if you haven’t bounced around it yet, take a few minutes and give it a go. You’ll find company links to stories, media links to vehicle reviews and links to consumer-generated content – YOUR stories.

To be part of the demand for Chrysler, just visit COD and click Share Your Story on the right. If approved, the link to your story will become part of Chrysler On Demand and available for all users who browse the site.

And, now the opportunity to Share Your Story gets even better. Every Friday on the home page, we’ll feature a story from someone who submits a link to his/her:

  • blog post
  • image, such as on Facebook (as long as it’s public), Flickr or other photo-sharing site
  • video on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • tweet
  • start of a forum thread, or other digital bit of information related to Chrysler Group, one of our brands or even a look at our heritage

Of course, even if we don’t select your submission for Friday’s feature, you could still be part of Chrysler On Demand. Just Share Your Story on COD.