Auto Shows | March 23 2015

A platform for expression

We’re now on a nickname basis for an old friend. Its formal title is Spring Festival of LXs, but we can get away with the shorter Spring Fest or even the hashtag #sf10. Next year will be its 11th go-round, so it’ll be #sf11.

LX is a vehicle architecture, or platform, which provides the underpinnings for the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Challenger, Charger and out-of-production Magnum, the tank-like wagon. But as we find each time we attend the annual lovefest for LX-based vehicles in Irvine, Calif., LX isn’t just a vehicle platform, it’s the platform on which owners turn their vehicles into canvasses of self-expression. We found one owner who used his Challenger to boost his hometown of Detroit. A veteran from San Diego emblazoned his Magnum with a message of support for others who gave their all in the armed services. One gentleman we met from Northern California is a cancer survivor. We knew that even before speaking with him. His Challenger told us.

So please spend three minutes and 40 seconds viewing our look back at last Saturday’s event. The atmosphere was as warm as the sun-baked blacktop.