Sterling Stamping Plant, Sterling Heights, Mich., has been producing body panels and assemblies since 1965. 

Manufacturing | December 21 2015

Two FCA US plants earn World Class Manufacturing distinction

The Brampton plant, built in 1986, employs more than 3,600 people on two shifts. In 2014, Brampton built nearly 223,000 vehicles.

The Brampton plant, built in 1986, employs more than 3,600 people on two shifts. In 2014, Brampton built nearly 223,000 vehicles.

Last week our Sterling Heights, Michigan, Stamping and Brampton, Ontario, Assembly plants earned Bronze status in FCA’s World Class Manufacturing system, which means that 13 of our 36 manufacturing facilities in North America have earned at least the Bronze WCM distinction. Two of those locations have been awarded the WCM Silver designation.

WCM was launched across FCA US operations in 2009 and in 2011, the WCM Academy opened. Since then, more than 16,000 employees have been trained at WCM Academy.

Our internal improvements have paid dividends for customers, as indicated by the awards our vehicles earn. For example, the 2015 Chrysler 300 and Dodge Challenger lead their segments in J.D. Power’s 2015 Initial Quality Study. The Ram 1500 and Chrysler Town & Country finished second in their respective vehicle segments.

In another recent example, in J.D. Power’s 2015 APEAL Study, the Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger and Fiat 500 lead their respective segments, while the 1500 and 300 also ranked high in their segments.

WCM is a global manufacturing method that focuses on eliminating waste, increasing productivity, and improving quality and safety in a systematic and organized way. WCM engages the workforce to provide and implement suggestions on how to improve their jobs and their plants, promoting a sense of ownership.

“The key to successfully implementing WCM is the engagement of the workforce,” said FCA North America VP of Manufacturing Brian Harlow. “By achieving Bronze, employees at those 13 facilities have demonstrated their commitment to making improvements in their operations, which translate into providing quality vehicles for our customers.

“With the support of our UAW and Unifor partners, FCA is continuing its progress toward making our manufacturing facilities among the best in the world,” said Harlow.

In addition to Sterling Stamping and Brampton Assembly, FCA US has nine other facilities that currently hold the WCM Bronze designation:

  • Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant (Mexico)
  • Saltillo South Engine Plant (Mexico)
  • Trenton Engine Complex (Mich.)
  • Warren Stamping (Mich.)
  • Indiana Transmission Plant II (Ind.)
  • Kokomo Transmission Plant (Ind.)
  • Kokomo Casting (Mich.)
  • Toledo (Ohio) Assembly Complex
  • Toluca Assembly Plant (Mexico)

Windsor Assembly Plant (Ont.) and Dundee Engine Plant (Mich.) received the WCM Silver designation in March 2014 and May 2015, respectively.