Engineering,Ram | April 19 2018

Truck Thursday: Segment-leading technology boosts tailgate control on all-new Ram 1500

The all-new 2019 Ram 1500 is rolling into dealerships across the country with many dream-come-true capabilities and features from front grille to back bumper.

And speaking of the rear end, a key component of the Ram 1500’s all-new look and feel is the new tailgate.

Whether hauling lumber, loads of gravel, a week’s worth of groceries or sports equipment (especially everything needed to play hockey), tailgates see a lot of action and experience a fair amount of wear and tear in the process of leading a busy life on the road.

For 2019, Ram Truck engineers took all of those factors into consideration, including making the process of opening and closing the tailgate easier and more convenient for hard-working owners.

Seeing may be believing, but David Reed, Ram 1500 Body Engineering Manager, does that one better in this video by putting the all-new Ram 1500 tailgate to the test.