Community,Manufacturing | March 04 2020

Building a Sustainable Future for Our Next 100 Years in Detroit

As we continue to build our new state-of-the-art assembly plant and to bring nearly 6,500 jobs to Michigan, including nearly 5,000 to Detroit, we know we have a great responsibility to minimize the environmental impact for this and future generations. 

We take this responsibility seriously, which is why we’re proud to say that our new Detroit assembly plant is both the future home of two electrified Jeep® vehicles and one of our most efficient and sustainable manufacturing operations. In fact, this facility will have the lowest achievable volatile organic compound (VOC) emission rate of any auto assembly plant in the country and, once up and running in late 2020, will employ the latest in advanced technologies and processes.

But, our commitment to Detroit goes well beyond our facilities. 

Over the course of 75 meetings with elected officials, community leaders, neighbors, environmental non governmental organizations (NGOs) and others, we worked to understand the environmental concerns expressed by our neighbors. We also met regularly with the Neighborhood Advisory Council, comprised of nine elected local residents, to help guide our decision making. 

Based upon community input, the following outlines our environmental plans for the next three years: 

  • Constructing and installing a stormwater park to control rainwater runoff, which will be available for use by the neighborhood and will feature a walking path surrounded by native vegetation, pollinator gardens and an educational pavilion
  • Installing green buffer and bioswales on and around the plant location to improve the neighborhood aesthetics, improve air quality, reduce noise, reduce stormwater runoff and improve wildlife habitat
  • Reviving the urban tree canopy by planting 1,100 new trees both on our property and within the immediate neighborhood in counsel with arborists and residents
  • Transforming 300 vacant lots into green spaces where once blighted homes stood by planting trees, shrubs and gardens together with community organizations
  • Partnering with the Wildlife Habitat Council to create and support thriving urban biodiversity, pollinator habitats and on-campus conservation projects
  • Supporting the Chandler Park Conservancy on development of their Education Plaza
  • Hosting ongoing programs, such as “Salmon in the Classroom,” with local schools to build awareness and educate young students on the benefits of environmental stewardship
  • Installing solar-powered bus stop shelters together with the Detroit Department of Transportation, providing residents a well-lit location and available mobile device charging stations
  • Hosting informative environmental events on the benefits of rain barrel capture of stormwater and providing rain barrels to interested residents
  • Establishing a quarterly newsletter to communicate FCA-related community activities and environmental initiatives distributed through both digital and printed methods

We also have elected to enhance the State of Michigan’s air monitoring network by installing an ambient air quality monitoring station on our property. This is in support of the community’s request for more accurate and reliable data that reflects the air quality on the east side of Detroit. We will work in collaboration with Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy to share this data with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as we all work to help improve residents’ quality of life.

To summarize, we are working toward a shared vision for a positive future and throughout the entire journey, we will do our best to earn your trust. 

We are incredibly grateful to the community, elected officials and all stakeholders for this opportunity to build our next 100 years in Detroit. 
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