2020 Challenger R/T 50th Anniversary Edition in Gold Rush. 

Design | February 19 2021

It’s All About Color

La Shirl Turner is the Head of Color and Materials

La Shirl Turner, Head of Color and Materials

Some might think that horsepower, technology or heated seats are the most important feature on a vehicle. But, to me and my team, it’s all about color. You might ask, why does color matter? No matter the vehicle, it’s the first thing you notice. Color is what grabs your attention on a busy highway or during rush-hour traffic, it can help emphasize a vehicle’s body line and it tells the story of that vehicle. 

One of the major responsibilities of the color and materials team is to select which colors are offered and on which vehicles. And, if you’re familiar with our palette you know that we have a wide array of color options that are not only attractive to look at, but also have fun names like Sinamon Stick, Hellayella, Go Mango, Hellraisin and Gold Rush.

2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye shown here in Sinamon Stick.

Each year, we take a look at our color palette to make sure that our colors are updated and refreshed. While you might think that basic colors like black, white, silver and red never change, our job is to make sure that they don’t stay the same. And, these changes can be more noticeable, like a move from a bright red to something a little deeper like Velvet Red or from a flat or clear white to Luxury White, which casts a creamy and elegant hue. 

2021 Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle AWD, shown in Velvet Red.

Our job is to also make sure that we offer the right colors on the right vehicles. Vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler and the Dodge Challenger can pull off just about any color. But, I think we can all agree that a color like Nacho would not be acceptable to our Chrysler Pacifica customers.

2020 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon in Punk’n Metallic.

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2020 Jeep Renegade Sport in Bikini Metallic.