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Jeep® Brand Slides into the Big Game with “Electric Boogie”

  • One-minute Big Game commercial “Electric Boogie” celebrates the brand’s 4xe electrified vehicle expansion
  • The Jeep® Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe featured in the spot with an all-new version of iconic dance and song, “Electric Boogie” created specifically for the Big Game commercial
  • The commercial features species from across the animal kingdom dancing along to “Electric Boogie”, which remains a pop culture music staple decades after being released
  • The video will debut in the Big Game in North America and roll out globally across the Jeep brand’s social media channel landscape
  • First truly global campaign that the Jeep brand has developed based on a Big Game TV commercial
  • The new “Electric Boogie” track brings original Jamaican Reggae recording artist Marcia Griffiths together with Grammy Award winning Jamaican recording artist and producer Shaggy, and three up-and coming female artists Jamila Falak, Amber Lee and Moyann
  • The new “Electric Boogie” track will be available on streaming services the day of the Big Game
  • The Jeep brand invites fans from around the world to join the “Electric Slide” movement on TikTok with dancers across the platform, tagging #Jeep4xeBoogieWoogie

February 12, 2023 , Auburn Hills, Mich. – The Jeep® brand’s Big Game one-minute commercial “Electric Boogie,” celebrates the brand’s expansion of its electrified line-up across the world, taking the new interpretation of the iconic song into the future with the brand’s new generation of vehicles. 

The commercial, debuting on the day of the Big Game, features the brand’s hybrid electric plug-in vehicles Jeep Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe, with species from across the animal kingdom dancing along to the all-new “Electric Boogie” track. 

Electric Boogie” can be viewed across the brand’s social media channels and it was created, from the inception, to be leveraged globally to support the rollout of the Jeep brand global electrified portfolio.   

The new version of the “Electric Boogie” song will be available to stream and download (add links) on Sunday, February 12. The Jeep brand captured footage of Ms. Griffiths recording the song in a Jamaican music studio with producer and dancehall/reggae icon Shaggy. That footage will launch across both the brand’s and Shaggy’s social channels (Facebook: @Shaggy, InstagramTikTok and Twitter: @direalshaggy) in the coming weeks.

“This new campaign showcases our global 4xe electrification portfolio by capturing and celebrating the fun, light-hearted spirit of the Jeep brand,” said Christian Meunier, Jeep brand CEO.  “We continue to design and develop the most capable and sustainable Jeep SUVs to date, and this is why we say that 4xe is the new 4×4. This is a forward-thinking strategy, on our path to becoming the leading zero-emission SUV brand in the world and ensure that millions of Jeep fans continue to have a planet to explore, embrace and protect.”  

“We’ve brought ‘Electric Boogie’ into the future with our new generation of 4xe electrified line-up to inspire our drivers and a new generation of listeners through a song and dance that embodies the adventure, spirit and passion that our consumers hold for the brand,” said Olivier Francois, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Stellantis. “Authenticity is one of the Jeep brand’s core pillars, so it was extremely important to us to release this modernized version of ‘Electric Boogie’ with singer Marcia Griffiths, whose first recording of the song nearly 40 years ago made a huge impact on popular culture. We’d like to think of the commercial as a natural extension of our acclaimed “Earth Odyssey” spot, with our Jeep 4xe vehicles and the animal kingdom getting in rhythm with nature.” 

“Electric Boogie” was originally recorded by Jamaican Reggae singer Marcia Griffiths and widely released in 1983. A remixed version of the song by Griffiths took off globally in the early ‘90s and she became the highest charting female reggae artist of all time. Originally written by the legendary Bunny Livingston (Bunny Wailer of the original Wailers), the song carried a playful energy that inspired the global dance – the “Electric Slide” – which to this day, is still very popular at weddings and parties.

Said Shaggy, “I’m honored to have the opportunity to produce a new, updated version of this iconic song. I grew up hearing “Electric Boogie” often; it was a family favorite in my household. The version performed by yet another legend, Marcia Griffiths (formally of I-Threes – the background singers with Bob Marley and the Wailers) and remixed by the Miami Sound Machine became a worldwide hit.”

Added Shaggy, “Over the years I’ve become close friends with Marcia so I was very excited when the Jeep brand asked me to remake a 2023 updated version of this classic for their new campaign. Our collective aim was to put the spotlight on Marcia and her remarkable voice while capturing the authentic culture that the song represents. By also including the talented voices of three emerging artists, Amber Lee, Jamila and Moyann, who compliment Marcia’s original iconic vocal, the result feels fun, fresh and energetic.”

“When I first recorded a remixed version of Electric Boogie in the ‘90s, I never could have imagined that it would inspire a dance that still resonates with fans many decades later,” said Marcia Griffiths. ”Having the opportunity to bring the song back in a modern style to new audiences in collaboration with the amazingly talented Shaggy and together with Amber, Jamila and Moyann during one of the biggest television events around the world, has provided me with another once-in-lifetime opportunity.”  

“Having Jeep use our father’s classic composition “Electric Boogie” in their Big Game spot is a massive collaboration,” said Abijah Livingston, son of Bunny Wailer. “To see our father’s musical legacy and one of his most iconic songs associated with such a great event and brand is very exciting and makes us all very proud.” 

The Jeep brand brought Griffiths together with Jamaican Reggae artist and producer Shaggy, who is managed by Martin Kierszenbaum/Cherrytree Music Company, to create a modernized version of the song to celebrate forty years since its original release. Also featured on the track are three up-and-coming Jamaican Reggae artists, Amber Lee, and Jamila Falak and Moyann for whom Griffiths acted as a “mentor.”  

The Jeep brand is also inviting fans from around the world to join the “Electric Slide” movement on TikTok with dancers across the platform, tagging #Jeep4xeBoogieWoogie

The “Electric Boogie” campaign was created by the Jeep brand in partnership with Chicago-based agency Highdive, follows in the footsteps of the brand’s acclaimed spot from last year, Earth Odyssey. By listening to the animals, the ad highlighted the unique ability of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe and Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe in electric mode to operate in nature in virtual silence. Animation for the “Electric Boogie” commercial by The Mill. The Jeep brand did not interfere with any animals on their natural dance floor while they did the Boogie Woogie, Woogie!

This is the first time that the Jeep brand has created a Big Game spot to be used at a global level, in support of the continuous expansion of its operations around the world. The brand, which sales vehicles in over 100 countries, acquired global rights for the song, and the campaign will feature 4xe vehicles from the brand’s global electrified line-up when aired in markets around the globe.  

The commercial supports the global electrification efforts of the Jeep brand, which recently announced a comprehensive plan for its next generation of fully electric 4xe vehicles as part of a sustainable transformation that will result in Jeep becoming the leading electrified SUV brand in the world.

The plan calls for the introduction of four all-electric SUVs in North America and in Europe by the end of 2025. As part of an ongoing comprehensive product plan, 50 percent of Jeep brand sales in the U.S. will be fully electric by 2030, while 100 of percent European sales will be all-electric by then.  

Shaggy will discuss being a part of Jeep brand’s Big Game ad and recording “Electric Boogie” today (Sunday, February 12) at 3:00PM ET on “Shaggy’s Yaad,” his weekly show on SiriusXM FLY.

Audiophiles will be able to turn on the state-of-the-art SiriusXM with 360L audio entertainment platform and turn up the volume on their Jeep brand 4xe’s Harman Kardon surround sound speakers to hear “Electric Boogie”  

Stellantis was the first auto manufacturer to debut 360L, SiriusXM’s most advanced audio entertainment platform. Available on Jeep brand’s 4xe line-up, SiriusXM with 360L delivers more SiriusXM channels, Pandora Stations, “For You” recommendations, access to on demand content, a Live Sports category and more.   

Boogie Woogie, Woogie!

Cherrytree Music Company
Founded by songwriter/musician/producer Martin Kierszenbaum, the Cherrytree Music Company provides management, record label, music production and publishing services to a boutique roster of artists, producers and mixers who push the creative envelope in popular music. Cherrytree has had an indelible impact on the music landscape from managing celebrated musician and cultural icon Sting to launching Lady Gaga’s first two albums. The Cherrytree Music Company has released the artistically and commercially ground-breaking records of Feist, Ellie Goulding, Robyn, La Roux, LMFAO, Far East Movement, Disclosure and Sting & Shaggy and sold over 40 million units. In the process, the Cherrytree Music Company has become a vital source for popular music and catalyst for artist collaboration and innovation. For more information on the Cherrytree Music Company, please visit here.

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