Uncategorized | March 21 2024

Dissecting the Future of Mobility

A global debate for a global challenge

The Freedom of Mobility Forum will host its second annual live debate on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, set to engage participants in the topic of how the planet can accommodate the mobility needs of eight billion people in the coming decades. 

No small feat, the Freedom of Mobility Forum was conceived by Stellantis to help address and discuss the most urgent mobility issues facing society. The forum is intended to act as a host for a global gathering of passionate problem-solvers committed to discussions that work to challenge the status quo, expand perspectives and identify how best to enable safe, affordable and sustainable freedom of mobility. 

Each year’s debate topic is selected, based on four main principles:  

  • Global view: follow a 360-degree, interdisciplinary approach 
  • Fact-based: rely on proven facts to drive insights and explore new solutions 
  • Transparency: open to the public  
  • Respect above all: engage in an honest, respectful, and collaborative manner, focusing on the interests of current and future generations 

This year’s topic – “How will our planet accommodate the mobility needs of 8 billion people?” 

The Freedom of Mobility Forum’s second annual live debate promises to bring diverse – and possibly controversial – opinions, led by a panel of international experts with divergent points of view on how to tackle the challenge.  

Meet our panelists: 

Society: Majora Carter (United States), Urban revitalization strategist, real estate developer, author and award-winning broadcaster 

“The Freedom of Mobility Forum is about quality of life, the ability to go as you please but, also the ability to stay because you want to.” 

Tech & AI: Manal Jalloul (Lebanon), Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of AI Lab, Certified Instructor and University Ambassador at NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute 

“The answer lies in harnessing the power of technology and AI. AI can actually craft ‘Mobility as a Service’ platforms that are efficient, safer and universally accessible.” 

Environment: Roberto Schaeffer (Brazil), Professor of Energy Economics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, IPCC contributor 

“Swift action is required to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050: we must adapt our current infrastructure and technologies before exploring new solutions.” 

Economy: Matthias Schmelzer (Germany), Economic historian, social theorist and climate activist  

“We need to do better with less and shift to collective forms of mobility. The future is not the car. It’s clean, affordable, and reliable trains, trams and buses.” 

Business: Carlos Tavares (Portugal), CEO, Stellantis; Co-chair of the Freedom of Mobility Forum Advisory Board 

“The globe is warming, and it is on loan from our children. Now is not the time for the status quo. I do not want my grandchildren to choose between preventing further climate change and their freedom to move! Mobility providers must be game changers.” 

In addition to our panel of thought provokers will be students from three universities around the globe – Brandeis University (United States), HEC Paris (France), and ENSA Kénitra (Morocco) – who will offer up the perspective of a younger generation of change makers. 

Finally, the online research company YouGov will unveil the results of an exclusive survey carried out for the 2024 edition of the event. The survey will aim to measure the appetite for change in mobility habits for respondents across five countries. 

To get involved in the next Freedom of Mobility Forum head to freedomofmobilityforum.org, where you can register for the live event and read up on the latest news on the topic.