Jeep | November 12 2013

Jeep Girls Vegas Vacation

A Summary of Pleasantries; Hello Fall!

November is the perfect time for a road trip in a Wrangler!

It’s the season of change. Out west, balmy temperatures finally begin to settle upon the desert. Colors wind across the canyons where sycamores, cottonwoods, ashes, and walnut begin to sacrifice their leaves. Many branch ends of mesquite trees start to brown up and die.

Yet mistletoe berries bud. Desert broom seeds take flight in puffs that mimic falling snowflakes and winter begins to take hold of the mountains. Storms from the Pacific Northwest lure freezing temperatures to the desert. Like Warren Miller, some of us anxiously await a thick layer of powder to grace the high country, promising a “Ticket to Ride.” Meanwhile hummingbirds leave and bobcats, coyotes, badgers, gray and kit foxes remain active. Male desert mule deer rub the velvet off their antlers, which grew throughout the summer. Soon they will begin sparring with each other as they prepare for competition to breed. Like the country road, for deer and adventure seekers, what lies before us is unexpected.

In the case of Ashley and I, the quiet road pointed towards Las Vegas. A mere five-hour drive from Arizona, it provided a spectacular landscape and breathtaking sunsets.

Once there, American clothing designer, Nanette Lapore, delightfully inspired us. We followed her direction towards patterns in nature. Her whimsical ideology translated directly into the embodiment of the Jeep culture. We loved the colors and rugged material. Our new dresses of emerald green and ochre alluded to the holidays and anticipation of great things to come!

Over past years, together we have been quick to dismiss Las Vegas as a destination of debauchery. However, we found ourselves at home immediately!

We arrived at Planet Hollywood on Las Vegas Boulevard. Beyond our window, was the Eiffel Tower, and at twilight there was no greater experience. In the spirit of a journey, we were transformed to another place and time. In this moment, the spirit of a road trip made sense.

We also enjoyed the Planet Dailies restaurant within Planet Hollywood.

Open 24 hours, it is a great destination for dinner and breakfast. From chicken piccata to steak and eggs, we were sated. Ask for Mimi in the evening, as she’ll provide a laugh as well as recommendations on dessert, such as the bananas foster!

Brittany Hill, Mimi, Ashley Hill

What we realized overall was that no matter how far from home, the journey is close to the heart, and therefore, home. In Vegas, a sense of endless summer consumed us as we met with friends Michael Bowen of Jeep Action Magazine of Australia. His fun-loving spirit, and idioms had us in stiches. Also, we were lucky enough to spot the elusive Pearse Umlauf of wonderful Jeep Jamboree USA.

The drive home brought us memories. It provided rock chips in the windshield of our JK and tire pressure indicators in our dash. We held fast to our positive experience and felt exhausted with the wonder of our drive. We learned many things, one of which was that we desperately needed an oil change after the miless we traveled. Together, we feel lucky to have friends in the 4×4 community, and for the ability to travel down the alternative road, and we wish you the same. So get out in your Jeep, “go anywhere, do anything,” that gets your wheels turning. And remember, “[take] the [road] less traveled by…that has made all the difference,”-Robert Frost.

We’ll see you out there!

Ashley and Brittany

“The Jeep Girls”