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Jeep | May 23 2016

The Jeep Girls Explore Colorado’s Best Kept Secrets

Brittany and I have been to Colorado may times, always enjoying the crisp mountain air, the big mountain terrain, and the neat little towns. This time, travels took us to unfamiliar ground, allowing us to make fresh tracks and explore some of Colorado’s best kept secrets! Our adventure started at Larry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge
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Jeep | April 07 2016

The Jeep Girls Celebrate 50 Years of Easter Jeep Safari

In celebration of 50 Years of Easter Jeep Safari, Brittany and I headed to Moab, Utah to commemorate this exciting birthday bash! We started our journey very early in Phoenix, just as the sun started to rise! Dressed in our adventure attire, we packed up our fridge freezer with some roadtrip snacks, lunch, and plenty of water
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Jeep | January 20 2016

The Jeep Girls search for the stars

There is something very magnificent about California.  The weather is always sunny, the style bright and the people are a lot of fun. Brittany and I jumped in our Jeep Wrangler and went on a road trip. After packing our Wrangler with road trip snacks from Trader Joe’s, our first stop was Hollywood.  After seeing an
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Jeep | November 21 2015

The Jeep Girls Explore Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

Brittany and Ashley Hill, “The Jeep Girls” Have you ever prepared to go on an overnight adventure, and it happened to be much longer than expected? (YES!) Have you ever felt as if an energy vortex will not let you leave a place? (ALL THE TIME!)  In this case, Brittany and I took the road
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Jeep | October 30 2015

The Jeep Girls explore historic Chicago

Brittany and I love heading to the Midwest just in time for that that first leaf to fall from the trees, the first frost, and best of all, the sight of our very first attempt at growing colossal pumpkins in our backyard vegetable garden. The road led us back to our original home, the Windy City
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Jeep | September 07 2015

The Jeep Girls visit New Orleans

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the end of summer, Brittany and I took a trek to one of our all time favorite cities! We made our way to the French Quarter, crossed over Bourbon Street and arrived at Hotel Maison de Ville, where we were greeted by Trina, our new
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Jeep | August 26 2015

The Jeep Girls cross the Rubicon

Inspired by the rich history of the West, Brittany and I made a trip to California’s Gold Country. Our first stop was to Paso Robles, where we met up with Fred Williams and Rob Peterson. We gathered together our picnic basket, Fred’s Ultimate Summer Camp Jeep, and Synergy Manufacturing’s Postal Jeep. Once we strapped down all
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