Corporate Business | June 19 2015

90 years and counting

An E. and D. bicycle, ridden by John Dodge.

­­Did you know that the Dodge Brothers, who are nearly synonymous with Walter P. Chrysler’s company, also have deep ties in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, the home of our Canada operations?

On Wednesday, FCA Canada (formerly Chrysler Canada) celebrated its 90th birthday, inviting employees, retirees and media to the very spot where Horace and John Dodge teamed with Frederick Evans to form E. and D. That bicycle company (1896-1900) was on what is now Dieppe Gardens park, along Riverside Drive West in Windsor, immediately in front of our Canada headquarters.

Founded just 11 days after Walter P. Chrysler established Chrysler Corporation in Detroit, Chrysler Corporation of Canada started with 181 employees and made 4,500 vehicles in its first year. Today, through the end of May, it’s the #1 automaker in the country, with 10,500+ employees at 11 different offices/facilities, and making nearly 600,000 vehicles a year.

Wednesday’s celebration featured 18 vehicles currently and previously made in Canada, from a 1926 Chrysler I 50 to a 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

See below for a look at Wednesday’s celebration. Click to our 90 Years in Canada Flickr Album to look at some of the cars and activities from the special day.