Manufacturing | June 16 2016

Green FCA: One thing leads to another: Reducing emissions leads to better corrosion protection

Sometimes, in manufacturing, a good solution can lead to other challenges. However, resolving that challenge also can lead to a better solution.

That’s what happened when we discovered that an improved body sealing system at our Belvidere, Ill., Assembly Plant was causing more emissions. But, Belvidere and FCA personnel along with a supplier found a solution to still improve protection while reducing emissions.

The story behind the solution is another Environment, Health and Safety Leadership Award nominee. As we have before, we’re giving you an exclusive look inside FCA to see the nominees and the impact that these ideas have on vehicles and our manufacturing process.

The solution developed at Belvidere provides the ability to apply thinner profile beads of panel protection, which results in a material reduction of 20%. The new material also lays flatter on the panel and shows improved process-ability, in comparison with the previously used material. The new material has also improved the body integrity by reducing water leak paths and dramatically improved the water leaks attributed to robotic applied sealer at Belvidere.

The process has since also been launched in the paint shop at our Sterling Heights, Mich., Assembly Plant.

Click above to the video and get insider’s details.