Manufacturing | June 24 2016

Green FCA: Good planning ‘LEEDs’ to savings

While most of the manufacturing and operating improvements FCA US makes are to existing processes and plants, we also look to improve from the ground up. When we built a new body shop at the Sterling Heights, Mich., Assembly Plant, achieving LEED Gold Certification – and all the benefits that come from it – was a major objective.

As you can see in the video, LEED certification was achieved with numerous operational and environmental benefits, including:

  • $2.5 million in annual energy savings at the SHAP Body Shop through the life of the building
  • 95% reduction of construction waste that would normally go to landfills
  • 600,000 gallons of water saved each year

The SHAP Body Shop is one of four FCA-owned facilities to achieve LEED certification. The other three are Trenton South Engine Plant; Belvidere, Ill., Assembly Plant Body Shop and ZF Axle Drive Marysville (Ohio).

We hope to add a fifth one when the new Mopar Parts Distribution Center is finished in Virginia later this year. LEED certification is a goal of that new distribution center.

Now that you know some of the whats, check out the video to see how these and other savings were achieved.

This and many other manufacturing and operational improvements are the result of an internal program at FCA. FCA employees have the opportunity to submit projects for an Environment, Health and Safety Leadership Award. In this periodic series, we’re giving you an exclusive look inside FCA to see the nominees and the impact that these ideas have on vehicle owners and our manufacturing process.