Manufacturing | July 08 2016

Green FCA: See how controlling flow means using less H20

While many of the environmental improvements FCA and our employees make have benefits to owners, some are just good for our operations and the environment. And improvements like those help us all.

Case in point: Improving the coolant filter system at the Dundee, Mich., Engine Plant.

In looking at controlling plant waste, employees found a lot of unnecessary coolant was being wasted. After investigating, employees found the solution, which included using a combination of sensors and variable speed motors to regulate the flow amount to provide the ideal amount of coolant needed at each machine at any particular time.

Results? Annual savings of 2.5 million kWh of electricity and 100,000 gallons of water when the solution was implemented throughout the plant.

And, the solution can be duplicated at other powertrain plants with a similar coolant filter system.

Get the details on how Dundee is greener and more efficient in the video.

This and many other manufacturing and operational improvements are the result of an internal program at FCA. FCA  employees have the opportunity to submit projects for an Environment, Health and Safety Leadership Award. In this periodic series, we’re giving you an exclusive look inside FCA to see the nominees and the impact that these ideas have on vehicle owners and our manufacturing process.