Heritage,Jeep | July 15 2016

Paying tribute to a four-wheeled wartime ‘vet’

75 years ago this week a boxy, lightweight, flat-fendered workhorse rolled off a Toledo, Ohio, Assembly Plant production line and onto the World War II battlefields of Europe. The very first Jeep® vehicle was a true original. It was instantly embraced by military servicemen and women as an indispensable tool in helping win the war. Since then the Jeep brand has gone on to win the hearts of legions of go-anywhere, do-anything enthusiasts across the globe.

On July 15, in tribute to this legendary heritage, history repeated itself in the form of a modern take on the famous Willys MB rolling off a Toledo, Ohio, assembly line, much like the original did more than seven decades ago. The moment was really special for everyone involved. Toledo Complex Manager Chuck Padden summed it up as “just like Christmas morning around here.” We think you’ll agree.