Safety,Technology | November 07 2017

Be aware of your surroundings with Blind-spot Monitoring

Safe driving means not only making good decisions on the road yourself, but also accounting for the actions of other drivers as well. When traveling at high speeds on the freeway, this can be particularly difficult.

The best drivers thoroughly scan their rearview and side mirrors before making any sudden movements on the road, but there are some areas where your mirrors simply can’t reach. That is where Blind-spot Monitoring (BSM) comes in.

BSM is a useful safety feature that helps drivers diagnose their surroundings, and make better decisions on the road. BSM uses radar sensors to constantly monitor a vehicle’s surroundings, allowing drivers to go from lane to lane with more certainty. This helps decrease the likelihood of collisions on the highway. Using icons located in the side-view mirrors, BSM can tell you if there is a car next to your vehicle that is difficult to see, and alert you to its presence before attempting to change lanes. In some cases, a driver-selected audible chime can provide additional notification.

BSM is available on select safety packages for the Chrysler 200, 300 and Pacifica; Dodge Charger, Challenger, Dart, Durango and Grand Caravan; and Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Compass and Renegade.