Advertising / Marketing,Agriculture,Ram | August 20 2019

Truck Tuesday: Ram Truck Ag Season Kicks Off Support of America’s Farmers

Coming up with delicious, nutritious menu ideas requires inspiration, planning and lots of good food choices. It also depends on the hard work and untiring dedication of our nation’s farmers who grow, harvest and deliver the freshest produce daily to meet those meal demands.  

Summer and early fall are especially busy times in the farming community. The Ram Truck brand calls this time of year Agriculture, or Ag, Season. More than just a name, it acknowledges the sweat, the long hours and selfless commitment our nation’s farmers put into meeting the challenging demands of feeding the nation.

Ram Truck Ag Season is embracing these hardworking farmers with an ongoing commitment to build the trucks that work to make life on the farm more efficient and more productive. That commitment is reflected in a new 30-second Ram Ag Season ad titled “Done Right,” which focuses on day-to-day life on the farm and launched across broadcast, social and digital platforms.

Three additional 60-second vignettes of each farming family and their unique individual stories will follow in the next coming weeks but will only be available to view via YouTube. They will not be on broadcast television.

During Ram Ag Season, farmers across the country will also get the chance to check out the unmatched capability, technology and performance across the Ram Truck lineup during a series of Ram Truck-sponsored farm shows throughout August, September and October.

The Ram Truck brand continues to offer unique dealer incentives for farm-owning customers of the Ram Truck lineup. Through Ram Agriculture Dealerships’ relationships with many diverse agriculture brands, customers can take advantage of additional incentives and discounts on purchases, worth thousands of dollars, of farm and ranch equipment and management tools.
We’ll be taking a closer look at the rollout of the brand’s upcoming farm shows and expos, as well as the Ram Agricultural Dealerships’ partnerships with the nation’s farmers in upcoming Truck Tuesday posts. In the meantime, you can find more information on Ram Ag Season at Ram