Ram | December 15 2020

Ram ProMaster City Helps Small-business Builder Drive Success

The unique challenges of 2020 left all of us needing to ‘reboot’ our way forward, none more so than the thousands of small-business owners committed to keeping our lives running smoothly on so many fronts. From specialty cookie bakers to brewers to school supply providers and home maintenance workers, small-business owners have had to be persistent, more creative and inventive, and dig deeper into the tool box this year to be successful. 

Ram Commercial vans and trucks have been essential tools in the toolboxes of many of those small-business owners, offering the versatility, durability, payload, cargo and best-in-class towing capacity that make job success easier and less stressful.  Many class leading safety features also help them to protect their investments. As key business partners in these uncertain times, the brand has invited these hardworking business owners to step up and share with the public their unique stories on moving forward. 

Solomon Kang owns SK Custom Builds in California. With more people staying closer to home this year, he’s seen demand for his skills and expertise take off and expand with a host of new and creative project requests. Kang takes a lot of pride in his work, but is quick to credit his ‘wingman,’ his Ram ProMaster City van, with helping his business on the road to success.