Ram | September 13 2021

Back to Live in the Ram BandVan – Radkey

Over the years, Ram Truck brand has stood by its loyal customers and its motto “Built to Serve.” In 2018, the brand first launched the Ram BandVan program to help support emerging musical artists by providing them with a ProMaster BandVan equipped with all of the reliability they needed as they embarked on their music journeys across the country. 

The Ram BandVan is back in 2021 for its Back to Live Tour and the first band up is Foo Fighters’ opening act, Radkey.

A group of three homeschooled brothers who grew up listening to their father’s record collection, Radkey is on a quest to help save the future of rock. Brothers Dee, Isaiah and Solomon Radke enrolled in rock ‘n’ roll high school as their ticket out of their small Missouri town. 

The brothers played their first show back in 2011 and have continued with their passion for music ever since. This summer, Radkey brings its dynamic musical style to the Foo Fighters’ 26th anniversary tour where it will be the opening act for six tour dates.

“This has been a year like no other, and now to finally be back on the road rocking with fans in real life is an incredible feeling,” said Dee. “We are so thankful to Ram Truck, SiriusXM and Pandora for our Ram BandVan, enabling us and fellow musicians alike to hit the road running and tour once again.”

Other emerging bands will be joining the Ram BandVan tour throughout the year and fans can follow along with the bands’ unique stories and explore exclusive content through RamBandVan.com and Ram Truck brand’s official YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels. 

To keep up with Radkey, you can follow the band on its social channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The next band to hit the road on the Ram BandVan tour will be Nashville-based group The Foxies.