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Jeep | June 03 2014

Engineering a winner

When plans to build the 2014 Jeep® Cherokee began taking shape, opportunity came knocking for the powertrain group with a one-of-a-kind challenge: The Cherokee’s all-new architecture would require creating a whole new powertrain architecture, as well. That call for innovation began the journey toward the award-winning Power Transfer Unit, or PTU powertrain system – unique to
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Jeep | May 31 2014

Jeep Girls visit #49

“In search of the northern lights.” This being the response that Ashley and I neatly provided when asked (and we always were), as to why we would choose to take our “Jeep life” journey to Alaska. This is no place for the faint heart. The “land of the midnight sun” is over twice the size
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Jeep | May 24 2014

Toledo Jeep plant brings home 1942 Willys

When you think Jeep®, its military service beginnings often come to mind. And the men and women at our Toledo Assembly Complex, home of the Jeep Wrangler, which is the current evolution of the original Willys GP, keep those beginnings close to their heart.“Like all Americans, we owe our freedom to the sacrifices made by
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Jeep | May 02 2014

Jeep Girls explore the Western Slope

 After packing up our Jeep® Cherokee and Wrangler, we kicked off on the road to the Western Slope. Our trek started in our garage…followed by Grand Junction to Moab and onward to Telluride. During our first night, two fellow road trekkers, and one mysterious local were drawn together with us at Woody’s World Famous Tavern.
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Jeep | March 25 2014

The Jeep Girls voyage to San Diego

Spring is one of our favorite seasons. The weather gets a little warmer, the sun sets a little later, and the flowers start to bloom. For Brittany and myself, it’s the perfect time of the year to enjoy our Jeep® Wrangler with the tops off! We make a playlist with our favorite music, put on
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Jeep | March 12 2014

Jeep Girls: When the Yeti finds you

As we March ahead and spring has yet sprung, (save for the fair skies of Phoenix) the Jeep Girls have the combined sentiment that winter has hooked its claws on us. We just can’t escape. For Ashley and I, the wintriest of the winter months has held us at the foot of the mountains. We
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Jeep | March 03 2014

Jeep brand goes small with lots of sizzle

With Oscar night 2014 excitement now in the rearview mirror, the automotive scene is gearing up to showcase some bright new stars at the Geneva Motor Show. The rumor mill’s been abuzz for months over what Jeep would bring to the party. Wonder no more! On Tuesday, the Jeep brand amped up the show’s already
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