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Safety | December 11 2015

‘He can’t believe that he lived’

There are many reasons to purchase one vehicle or another. Style, driver and passenger comfort, mpg, torque and horsepower and tech features are of varying importance, depending on the individual. Of course, price is nearly always a consideration. Safety is too, but it’s one you really hope you don’t need. It’s like car insurance. You
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Pentastar Passion | June 12 2012

Joining the High Milers Club

By Mike Driehorst UPDATED 2/25/2015: As of this month, we started sending owners in the “High Milers Club” branded license plate brackets (below). Also, we added Fiat Customer Care information for our Fiat owners who reach the 100,000-mile mark and beyond. Not to take away from some of the passionate owners of competitive vehicles…but I
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