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Safety | September 30 2019

FCA US Keeps Focus on Safety in Automated Driving Development

The anticipated benefits of automated driving technologies are enticing. They include potential for reducing crashes, improving traffic flow and extending mobility to those unable to drive. But replacing the human driver with technology that can accurately identify and quickly respond to complex traffic situations is an enormous hurdle. The goal is clear: Our automated driving
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Technology | March 06 2018

College students, FCA consider ways to ease shift to automated driving

Navigating the transition to automated driving is challenging – the sensing capabilities of vehicles needs to increase dramatically, while drivers need to adapt years of experience to sharing the road with data-controlled cars. With automated driving technologies still in the early stages of development, today’s younger drivers are at the center of the transformation. This
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Insider Outlook | July 09 2015

Get ready. Get set. Relax!

Take your hands off the wheel, sit back … and relax! While autonomous driving isn’t impacting the highway in a big way yet, automakers and non-automakers alike continue to drive the technology needed to turn yesterday’s ‘fantasy’ into tomorrow’s ‘fact.’ And, the concept is generating acceptance among consumers as many of us face longer and
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