Jeep | September 27 2013

Life is Good’ In a Jeep® Vehicle

Ashley and Brittany Hill, the Jeep Girls

Years ago I read someone’s t-shirt. It said, “Do what you like, like what you do.” As a young adventurer, I never have been able to let go of that quote. After some research, I found that my favorite t-shirt was from The Life is good Company; the very same Life Is Good that can be found on tire covers on city and trail Jeeps alike!

For years I’ve been inspired by the story of Bert and John Jacobs, the founders of The Life is good Company. In the early nineties, the Jacob Brothers spent five years traveling across the East Coast in their Plymouth Voyager to college campuses selling t-shirts while throwing around a frisbee. They ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we’re “wildly unsuccessful financially.” The brother team knew they did not want to find “real jobs” so they had to find a way to make this work. After being kicked off a college campus at 3AM, they almost closed the door on their dream. Yet in this critical hour, they were driven to make the world a happier place.

John and Bert Jacobs, founders,  Life is Good Company

The idea is so simple, but so true and inspiring… If you’re not doing what you believe in, people will see right through you!!

Brittany and I jumped in our Jeep and headed to the Historic Prowse Farm in Canton, Massachusetts to finally meet with the Jacob Brothers! Making it just in time, the Jacob Brothers shared their humble story on spreading good vibes. They expressed that true happiness is within and the importance of being honest and genuine.

Brittany and I spent two days at the Life is Good Festival hanging out, dancing to the tunes of Jack Johnson, and taking our favorite “jumping photos” with people that were soaking up the good vibes. The Life is Good Festival is a fundraiser to help kids overcome poverty, violence, and illness. This year the festival raised 1 million dollars for kids in need!

On the second day of the festival, there was a 90% chance of rain, but the power of positive thinking can hold off any rain shower! It was a bright and sunny day, just like one would expect at The Life is Good Festival.

The next time you are driving your Jeep, just remember… Life is good, and “Optimism can take you anywhere!”

See you out there!!

The Jeep Girls

Ashley and Brittany