Jeep | October 31 2013

Jeep Girls Hear The Mountains and Switchbacks Calling….

I recently picked up Warren Miller’s book that he gave me a few years ago, it’s called “Wine, Women, Warren, and Skis.” The book tells Warren’s incredible story about he sustained his love for adventure in the mountains by eating oyster crackers and selling shoelaces at ski resorts across the country.

Sixty-four years later, winter adventure enthusiasts welcome snow and gather to see the latest Warren Miller film…a tradition that would not be the same without Warren Miller, the original skiing pioneer that took a risk and turned his love for the mountains into something that everyone can enjoy with their family and friends!

Knowing that the Warren Miller film was just around the corner in Chicago, Brittany and I jumped in our Jeep to see the fall colors and head to this years WM film, Ticket to Ride.

On the day of the film, we met Ann Brewer, a creative and enthusiastic Jeep Grand Cherokee owner who has been going to Warren Miller films since she was in college. After talking about the idea that life should be imaginative and creative, Ann mentioned that she is launching a very unique product called


They are interchangeable iPhone cases that easily snap in and out depending on the day’s adventure. With this set up, Jeepers can view the map of different trails on the back of their phone without having to drain their battery.

As Brittany and I drove down the mountain switchbacks on our trek back home, we talked about American Legend Warren Miller again, (who shares the same birthday at Brittany 10/15)… It’s so true, if you truly enjoy what you are doing, you will find a way to climb the highest mountain or conquer any obstacle that comes your way!

Ashley Hill, Warren Miller, “Speedy”

A Jeep may be safe in the garage, but that is not what a Jeep is for. As Winter rapidly approaches and the snow begins to fall, get ready to live your dream and climb those mountains!

“If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.” Warren Miller

We’ll see you out there!

Ashley and Brittany

“The Jeep Girls”

Ashley Hill, Brittany Hill, Friends James and Ryan