The Jeep® brand turns a Vancouver city street into a raging mountain river to highlight the 2015 Jeep Cherokee's real world capabilities and product features.

Jeep | January 06 2015

Jeep Cherokee takes a ride on the wild side

Sometimes, getting away from it all doesn’t mean you actually have to pack up and kiss your everyday life goodbye. The Jeep® brand discovered you just need the right ingredients and a daring imagination to roll out a roadmap to adventure that rivals a Twilight Zone episode for excitement

Last summer the brand turned a busy traffic-filled highway in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, into a wild boulder-strewn stream surrounded by full-grown trees, brush and even some native animals to give two unsuspecting Jeep Cherokee drivers the get-away ride of their dreams.

The ‘adventure’ is actually a new Jeep brand commercial called “River in the City” that debuted Jan. 4 on national TV.

The drivers were sent on a tour of downtown Vancouver, via the Cherokee’s navigation system. So far, pretty ordinary. Then, a detour sign changed everything!

The inspiration for “River in the City” was a desire to “bring to life the real world capabilities of Jeep Cherokee in a unique approach,” said Oliver Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA-Global, adding that the ad “takes an untraditional approach to create a powerful statement that the Jeep Cherokee can handle anything a city throws at it.”

As for the drivers, it was a get-away-from-it-all experience, and then some.