Trista Stiles' now famous image of the iced imprint of a colleague's Jeep Cherokee. 

Jeep | February 20 2015

Iced Jeep Cherokee imprint ‘epic’

(UPDATED at the end, adding links to other photos, details about the icy imprint of the Jeep Cherokee.)

By now, you’ve probably seen that frozen imprint of the Jeep® Cherokee front fascia – and had a hard time believing it’s real.

The "engine view" of the iced imprint of Teresa Lynn Hill's Jeep Cherokee, photographed by Trista Stiles.

The “engine view” of the iced imprint of Teresa Lynn Hill’s Jeep Cherokee, photographed by Trista Stiles.

Well, one of the people who took some of those photos also couldn’t believe it.

“It did not look real,” said Trista Stiles, a critical care nurse at the Vidant Medical Center, Greenville, N.C. “I thought, ‘Woah! This is epic. It’s very, very cool.’”

And Trista was spot on.

The Jeep® Cherokee belongs to a colleague, Teresa Lynn Hill, an assistant nurse manager at Vidant, who had left work about 30-60 minutes before Trista saw the iced imprint around 4:30 p.m Tuesday. Trista was just getting off work when she saw the iced imprint and, even though it was about 7 degrees outside, she took some photos and stood looking at the amazing sight for about 10 minutes.

“I must say that the kid in me wanted to kick it down” Trista told us, “but I left it up for others to see.

“It was crazy.”

Note: Thanks to Trista for giving us the background story on her amazing photos, and to husband, Wes, who alerted us on Twitter that Trista was the photographer. Also thanks to @JPFreek, where we first learned of the image. For information on others who took photos of the Jeep Cherokee, see David Clinch of Storyful on Facebook, and an updated story from WITN.

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