Beverly, Jean Laguerre's 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Jeep | July 14 2015

The Jeep Grand Cherokee that could

In 2006, Jean Laguerre was looking for a deal on a 4×4 when he stumbled upon a well-used 1995 Jeep® Grand Cherokee with 243,000 miles for $1,400.

“I wasn’t the original owner and with that many miles I thought ‘I’m taking a chance,’” Laguerre said.

Laguerre’s gamble seems to have paid itself off.

Jean Laguerre's Commute

A rough illustration of Laguerre’s commute.

“Now I’m getting closer to having almost 460,000 miles on it,” Laguerre said.

Laguerre resides in Chestertown, N.Y., with his wife and two daughters, but works in New York City as a cab driver during the week.

“Between home and work is 226 miles,” said Laguerre. “I cover the four hours it takes me to get home all in one shot. I could make it less than that, but I don’t stress the car.”

Laguerre says the key to keeping Beverly, the car’s nickname, going is doing repairs little by little and doing them himself.

“I take care of it anything I adore, like something expensive,” Laguerre said. “I always give it the best I can.”

“My wife was thinking I put too much into it because it’s a used car, but I told her the car has many, many more miles to go,” Laguerre said. “I should take care of it just like any brand new car.”

Without an emotional attachment to the car, Laguerre insists he simply enjoys the smooth ride.

“This Grand Cherokee is easy to park, easy to work with and easy to handle,” Laguerre said. “That’s why I find it’s the right car for me.”

Even though his car has nearly half a million miles on the odometer, Laguerre continues to treat his car like it’s new.


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