Ram | November 09 2016

ProMaster creates ‘sweet’ success for busy entrepreneur

Honey might be a sought-after sweet treat, but it’s also a busy livelihood for a New Yorker named Andrew.

Since boyhood, Andrew has dreamed of following in his beekeeper-father’s footsteps. Not tucked away in a quiet rural setting, but right smack in the middle of New York City.

Andrew is an urban beekeeper whose sales success with Andrew’s Honey products is nothing short of ‘sweet.’ But his growing success has left him short on space for all his beekeeping equipment in his current pickup truck.

Ram Commercial contacted Andrew and offered him a Ram ProMaster to drive to work on the busy streets of New York for one day in exchange for feedback on how ProMaster measured up to the unique demands of his business.

Ride along with Andrew, his bees and the Ram ProMaster as he takes on the challenges of New York City driving, and get the first ‘buzz’ on how he did by clicking on this video.