Our People | June 22 2018

Intern Extravaganza in Tech Plaza

They won’t be grabbing your coffee orders or filing your paperwork, but they might be designing the interior of your favorite Jeep®.

They’re the 2018 summer interns at FCA US — and they’re as good as it gets.

To kick things off, our summer interns spent some time getting to know one another this past Thursday, but not in the conventional way.

For more than 30 minutes, interns were tasked with getting to know each other not by their names, but through a slight twist: their very own hashtags.

Madeline Lorio, second from the left, and Douglas Schoeller, far right, share their hashtags with fellow interns.

Meet #EscapeArtist and #NoFruit Madeline Lorio, a rising senior at Wayne State University.

Not only is she allergic to every fruit and has escaped from more than 28 professional-grade escape rooms throughout the country, she’ll be supporting the Jeep marketing and brand teams at FCA headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, this summer.

Did I mention she’s already working on some great things? This past Wednesday, she was coordinating an early screening to one of the summer’s hottest premiere’s “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” Pretty typical work for an intern around here.

We also have a stand-up comic joining the ranks of the Powertrain Engineering team. Meet #Comedian Douglas Schoeller, a master’s student from Florida Institute of Technology who just so happens to have more than five years of experience as a stand-up comedian.

Already in his internship, he’s put his skills to the test.

“Since my first day with FCA, I’ve had the opportunity to put my knowledge to work,” Schoeller said. “I’m taking everything I’ve learned over the course of my education and turning it into a product that people use every day and it’s a great feeling.”

Making sure every intern is equipped with the resources they need to succeed is a top priority at FCA US.

After enjoying some tasty salad and pizza, eight Business Resource Groups (BRG) from FCA US shared a running list of experiences and communities to get involved with outside of their day-to-day work.

Interns pose on the back of a Jeep outside CTC Auditorium.

From Latins in Connection (LinC), which holds free Spanish classes for all employees, to the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), who provides networking opportunities for women in engineering, there is a welcoming door to every face and identity within FCA.

Did I mention how talented these interns are?

No, seriously, they’re crazy talented. Just under 3% of all applicants for internship positions this summer made it.

This summer, a group of 275 highly qualified students from 17 colleges and universities are now creating the future face of the company. And they’re more ready than ever before.




Holding a #futuremaker sign, FCA US intern takes the driver seat of a Jeep Wrangler before the Intern Social.