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Auto Shows | March 23 2015

A platform for expression

We’re now on a nickname basis for an old friend. Its formal title is Spring Festival of LXs, but we can get away with the shorter Spring Fest or even the hashtag #sf10. Next year will be its 11th go-round, so it’ll be #sf11. LX is a vehicle architecture, or platform, which provides the underpinnings
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Auto Shows | March 17 2015

Migration to Spring Fest 10 under way

This weekend, the annual migration of Mopar-or-no-car enthusiasts to the Spring Festival of LXs started. Numerous owners of Chrysler 300s, Dodge Challengers, Chargers and Magnums have loaded up their cars or loaded them into a trailer to drive to California and gather with fellow owners to check out their rides, mods and share stories. According
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