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Design,Engineering,Technology,Uconnect | May 15 2018

Get where you’re going and everywhere in between with the Uconnect 4C navigation system

With the long winter finally breaking and Memorial Day just around the corner, there is no doubt that summer travel will be top of mind for many of us. Whether you’re planning a long weekend or a cross-country adventure, FCA’s Uconnect 4C navigation system helps guide you to your destination easily and efficiently. The available
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Jeep | January 20 2016

The Jeep Girls search for the stars

There is something very magnificent about California.  The weather is always sunny, the style bright and the people are a lot of fun. Brittany and I jumped in our Jeep Wrangler and went on a road trip. After packing our Wrangler with road trip snacks from Trader Joe’s, our first stop was Hollywood.  After seeing an
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Jeep | September 07 2015

The Jeep Girls visit New Orleans

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the end of summer, Brittany and I took a trek to one of our all time favorite cities! We made our way to the French Quarter, crossed over Bourbon Street and arrived at Hotel Maison de Ville, where we were greeted by Trina, our new
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Jeep | July 15 2015

The Jeep Girls celebrate America’s birthday

This Independence Day, Brittany and I decided to celebrate America’s Birthday a little differently! We sat down over coffee at AJ’s, talked to our good friend “Speedy” looked at a map, and together we drew a plan! The goal was to do something different, visit three great American cities, and do it all in one
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Jeep | June 18 2015

The Jeep Girls do Father’s Day!

“A ‘daddy’s little girl’ is the one who would rather get her hands covered in engine oil with dad, than stay in the house and bake buns with her mother!”- Mishelly While we don’t know Mishelly, we do believe that the above quote yields a wealth of valuable information. We know two things. We love Jeep
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Jeep | May 05 2015

The Jeep Girls explore Florida’s Historic Coasts

Brittany and I love traveling to new destinations!  As we live out West, we don’t make it to the Deep South very often, but when we do, it is always a lovely treat! We packed our flip-flops, big floppy hats, neon attire, and set off on another trek to find American Legends! We began our adventure
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