2013 Chrysler 300 Glacier 

Pentastar Passion | December 26 2013

Outfit Your Ride For Winter

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is coming to a close, many of you are finding yourselves in a post-holiday lull. As you sit on your couch, catching up with episodes of your favorite TV show, think about what you are missing in the great outdoors.

Yes it is cold, but with the right winter gear, you can go outside and play! But don’t forget to outfit your ride for winter. Sure it might not hurt to get yourself a set of winter tires. Think of them as boots for your car. There are plenty of other accessories to help outfit your Chrysler Group vehicle for winter fun.

Here’s just a sampling of how you can shift your car into winter mode:

Slush Mats: All-Weather style Floor Mats are molded and feature deep ribs to trap and hold water, snow and mud to protect your carpet and keep it clean. They are available for virtually every Chrysler Group make and model at www.Mopar.com.

Removable Jeep Roof Rack: Strap on your skis and hit the slopes. In the summer you can also haul your canoe.

If you are really adventurous, check out the tent for the Jeep Grand Cherokee or Ram 1500. Outdoor lovers can enjoy their vehicle to the max with this tent. The tent includes a full rain fly, overhead storage net, inside pockets and storage bag. Tent attaches to the rear of your vehicle, creating extra storage space.

2014 Jeep Cherokee Cargo Management System: The Jeep Cargo Management System makes the most of the rear cargo space in the Jeep Cherokee. This universal module rack is mounted on the driver’s side in the rear cargo area and includes hooks and a removable grocery bag. Mopar offers optional accessories which mount securely to the rack for space-saving storage solutions for the adventurous Jeep owner.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Side Window Air Deflector: Acrylic tinted Side Window Air Deflectors follow the contours of the windows and allow them to be opened for venting, even during inclement weather.

If those accessories are not enough, the 2014 Wrangler Polar Edition is in showrooms now. The limited-edition Jeep Wrangler is built for the most extreme routes and the most demanding driving conditions in any weather.

Before you head out, don’t forget to hit the button on your Remote Start system also available at www.mopar.com. You can ensure your vehicle is warm and toasty before you ever step foot outdoors.