Fiat | June 09 2014

Living large in a Fiat 500L

This week is Pet Appreciation Week and to celebrate your best friend, I invite you to imagine the world through a dog’s eyes. You love long walks in the park, tasty treats and a little adventure.

Taking a ride in the car is a highlight of your week. Your dog-eye view includes looking at squirrels, fire hydrants and trees and you love the feeling of fresh air flapping against your ears.

Now, imagine it with big windows that practically wrap around the entire car and a sunroof that retracts, revealing the sun and the sky. Your view is so wonderful you can hardly contain your excitement! If only your human would drive such a car, a car like the Fiat 500L.

The Fiat 500L is the big brother of the iconic Fiat 500, providing the same Italian style but doing so with 42% more interior space.

While the ‘L’ in the Fiat 500L stands for many things, including “large,” ‘L’ might also stand for “lower.” The Fiat 500 L’s liftgate features one of the segment’s lowest cargo-lift heights of approximately 26 inches from the ground, which makes it easier for your pets to jump in and out of the cargo area. This is particularly useful for older and some smaller dogs. The best-in-class interior volume also gives dogs ample room to maneuver in and out of the backseat.To give you an example of what makes the Fiat 500L the perfect pet carrier, we’ve enlisted the help of Chloe and Shamus along with their human, Fiat Brand Manager, Nicole Longhini.

Some Fiat 500L highlights:

  • Fold and tumble seat capabilities.
  • 60/40-split rear seat can fit a large dog crate.
  • Back seats slide forward to create more cargo space.
  • The second-row seat is two inches higher. The elevated second-row seats and an available dual-glass panel sunroof provide nearly 360-degree panoramic views your four-legged friends will enjoy.
  • Conversation mirror for watching what your dogs are doing in the backseat. Mirror not included in vehicles equipped with sunroof.
  • Door locks are located in the center of the instrument panel, making it difficult for unruly paws to lock and unlock the car – especially when you’re not in it.

So get out and take your furbaby for a ride and don’t forget, this week is “Pet Appreciation Week” and Friday, June 20, is “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” Wouldn’t it be a treat to bring your best friend to work in a Fiat 500L?Disclaimer: Remember to take safety precautions for your dog such as securing your dog with a harness that buckles into the seat belt or a crate and never leave your dog in a vehicle unattended