Chrysler Group employees at the Sterling Heights (Mich.) Assembly Plant work on the rear suspension line recently brought in-house to improve cost savings, eliminate logistical challenges and enhance build quality. 

Manufacturing | October 07 2014

WCM: The art in manufacturing

At Chrysler Group, we build things. Things that move people. But not just in the literal sense. The vehicles we manufacture often stir emotions in their owners.

In a similar way, Chrysler Group’s manufacturing employees don’t only build cars; they possess hidden gems that make them unique.

World Class Manufacturing, or WCM as it is known, is the methodology Chrysler Group implemented at its manufacturing locations. But, WCM is more than a methodology. WCM is a culture. This culture built on WCM believes in tapping into the treasures in our plants – our employees, who have a myriad of talents.

Our employees are multi-dimensional people building legends that inspire the rest of the world and they are one of the driving forces behind Chrysler Group’s success.

Our employees are passionate about what they create, how they create it and why they create it. And, that creative passion extends from their everyday lives to the shop floor. They aren’t just a workforce but a force at work.

The employees might spend their days assembling, stamping or machining, but outside of work they are painters, poets, composers, sculptors, musicians and playwrights.

We don’t let these talents fall by the wayside. At Chrysler Group, employees are a collective team, encouraged to turn ideas into reality. There’s more to Chrysler Group’s manufacturing employees than meets the eye. Creating excellence is who they are and it’s what they do.

The below video was created to showcase the best in the business doing what they love at work and at home.