The parking lot of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum offers car fans a place to park and chat. 

Design | April 29 2016

Shine Up Your Car, Join Us For Coffee

After spending all week working on Jeep interiors in the FCA US Product Design Office, surrounded by bosses and coworkers who are car junkies, what’s the first thing I want to do on a Saturday morning?

Go hang out and look at cars, of course!

The Detroit area is rich with people who love cars and own some really cool wheels – old and new. Here at FCA we’ve got a big campus with several parking lots that are wide open on the weekends.

It’s a no-brainer to put those two together for a monthly “cars and coffee” informal car show. Our first one is planned for Saturday, May 7, from 8-10 a.m. in the lot by the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. We plan to keep it going the first Saturday of every month all summer and into the fall.

I’m a big fan of the relaxed atmosphere at cars and coffee events. It’s great to just walk around and see live cars I’ve only read about in magazines or on the internet. You can’t beat the mix of cool stuff.

That’s important. Everyone and every car from every make and era are welcome. It might surprise you that some of us at FCA also drive cars from other automakers. That’s because we love cars, all makes and models and everything about them. I’ll be bringing my Audi R8.

Not only can you talk and check out everybody’s ride, you might get an up-close look at some of our previously unveiled works of art.

If you join us, we ask that you observe a couple of “noes:”

  • No reckless driving. We want everyone to have a good time. We don’t want anyone to become the next “what a dummy” YouTube star.
  • No burnouts. We want to be good neighbors and not attract undue attention from the police.

But here’s a good “no:” No cost to get in.

You can get a few more details and get a sense of how many people plan to be there by checking out the FCA Design Cars and Coffee event page on Facebook.

We hope to see you there. Bring your sunglasses, the chrome will be shining.