Community | May 13 2020

FCA Heroes Drive Essential PPE and Auto Parts Across North America

When asked if they would continue working during a global pandemic, FCA Transport didn’t skip a beat and it’s not surprising. We’ve all heard the stories about the “unsung heroes” of the COVID-19 crisis: the truck drivers.

They are the glue keeping supply chains running during these unpredictable times. The trucking industry moves more than 70% of all goods transported around the United States. 

It may be surprising to hear that FCA operates a nearly 100-year-old private trucking fleet supporting routes throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Ontario, Canada. Under normal circumstances, FCA Transport manages nearly 1,800 daily deliveries per day, 24/7.

While deliveries have certainly slowed down during the manufacturing production pause, FCA Transport has continued driving, shipping vital auto parts needed for vehicle repairs to Mopar Parts Distribution Centers and lifesaving surgical masks and face shields to healthcare providers, first responders and communities across the country. 

“To know colleagues who, despite the fear and uncertainty, decided to raise their hands and continue working has humbled me,” said Julie Kolasz, head of FCA Transport. “Our transport team deserves our respect and gratitude, and I hope they know that everyone at FCA appreciates their commitment.”

Over the past two months, a volunteer team has supported FCA and the communities in which the company operates by:

  • shipping 500,000 face masks to emergency management centers for distribution to areas across Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Ontario, Canada
  • supporting face shield shipments for distribution to local hospitals
  • transporting FCA vehicles to rail yards or directly to dealerships
  • delivering supplier parts and accessories to and from various Mopar Parts Distribution Centers

Today, and every day, FCA thanks the volunteer drivers, maintenance teams and dispatchers who are helping keep the supply chains moving when most of us have come to a standstill.