Pentastar Passion | May 29 2014

Super centenarian is older than Dodge

The last time I ran into Hubert Fields, he almost ran into me. It was Dec. 4, 2006, and to celebrate his 100th birthday that day, some of our folks ran him around really fast in a Dodge Viper. It’s what the lifelong devotee of Chrysler, and former employee, really wanted.

A few weeks ago, his grandson, Kirk Bierley, sent me an email with the ominous word “update” in the subject line. He asked me if I remembered his grandfather, which I did. I was afraid to go further until I scanned ahead and was relieved to read, “He’s still around! He’s 107!”

A bit slower than he was seven years ago, but no less the lover of Chrysler vehicles. That photo above is him a few weeks ago standing next to Mr. Bierley’s dad’s 1991 Chrysler LeBaron. Still in great condition, the car has only about 37,000 miles on it. Mr. Fields has a lot more mileage on him than the LeBaron and he’s seven years older than the Dodge brand, but just like Dodge, he’s held up to the test of time.

Some history.

*Hubert Fields was born Dec. 4, 1906, in Darke County, Ohio, not too far from Richmond, Ind.

*Always fascinated by cars, in 1926 he started working at the Chrysler Parts Center on Leo Street

 in Dayton, Ohio. He worked in the parts and service department, which warehoused parts produced in the factories of Detroit. While working for Chrysler in Dayton, he lived at the YMCA and sent money home to his family. He truly enjoyed his formative, but limited, years at Chrysler.

*Chrysler vehicles owned:

1928 Dodge Coupe (Dark green with yellow wheels)

1930 Plymouth Sedan

1940’s-1960’s He owned two Plymouths and three Desotos. All were 4 door sedans

1970 Plymouth Newport w/Hemi

1974 Plymouth Newport

1978 Dodge Diplomat

1981 Chrysler K-Car

1982 Chrysler Le Baron

1984 Chrysler New Yorker

1988 Dodge Shelby Daytona Turbo

1990 Chrysler New Yorker

1991 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue (current vehicle)

He also owned a couple of Dodge pickup trucks when he worked on the farm.Here’s the original video we did with Mr. Fields when he visited us in 2006 on his 100th birthday.