Our People | August 17 2015

2015 Interns: “What does it take to make a great car… YOU”

This story is the first installment in a five-part series. This blog series will showcase FCA US LLC’s internship program and the interns themselves as told by FCA Communication department interns. 


By Marissa Mink-Rowland

Corporate Communication Intern


The established internship program at FCA US LLC, formerly Chrysler Group, has been in existence for more than 20 years. Interns come from diverse backgrounds throughout the U.S. and Canada, reflecting the Company’s commitment to recruiting and developing diverse talent.

States highlighted in blue represent the 2015 intern population, also recruits individuals from Canada.

Intern Stats

  • The 2015 intern class consists of more than 300 interns from 98 schools in 33 states outside of Michigan and Canada. About a quarter of the class are returning interns.
  • 35 percent of interns are female and 31 percent represent ethnic minorities.
  • This year’s interns were placed into 26 different departments. Of those departments 66 percent are pursuing STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math fields). Of those pursuing STEM careers, 26.4 percent are female.
  • Aside from STEM fields, the group reflects a broad diversity of disciplines including sales, marketing, advertising, communications, supply chain management and many others.

These universities represent the top six schools FCA US recruits from.

Just as it takes multiple parts working together to power a car, it takes multitude of talented people to power a company that produces world-class products. FCA US interns are a critical part of this talented workforce. They bring with them a variety of fresh perspectives and insights to an industry that is constantly evolving. Regardless of the department, each FCA US intern is assigned meaningful projects and gain opportunities to explore multiple aspects of the company. From executive to intern, every person employed at FCA US is equally valued.

In a series of short blog posts, photos and videos, we will capture a number of interns’ perspectives and the work they’ve done throughout their internship. A few of the departments that will be highlighted include: design, manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing and communications and human resources.